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Who We Are

Tom Academy is an award winning Art and Film Training school foudned in 2000 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Over the years, we have had over 8,000 students who currently work in different multi-media companies and the film industry. The school’s sister company, Tom Film Production has also produced three feature films, gaining public and critics reception.

What We Teach

Tom Academy offers campus degree programs that are designed for the world of entertainment, media and arts. Offering photography, videography and editing courses, Tom’s approach is centered on real-world industry experience and creative problem solving.

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Film Making

Tom Academy gives a wider range of film making courses including Directing, Script Writing, Acting, Cinematography, Lighting and Camera Operation.


Our photography courses starts from gear choices to advanced photography techniques to color correction and retouching.


The final stage of film making, post production. We teach linear video and photo editing, color correction and visual effects.

Tom Award

Tom Award is a short film award ceremony which is held every year to create an exposure for our students and also build a constructive competition between them.

There are eight categories in the competition, which are, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Sound, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best  Film.

There are three rounds to select the winners.

1st and 2nd Round competition will be done by our instructors and the nominees for every category will be selected in this round.

The judges for the final round competition are the well-known famous performers in the industry.

Tom Award 2015 Winners

1.      Best Sound – Mircha / Leul Mesfin

2.      Best Actress – Yegodelu Kenat / Singeten Dechasa

3.      Best Actor – Man Negn Libelat / Solomon Zewde

4.      Best Editing – Fim Bekel / Fikreab Getachew /

5.      Best Cinematography - Gize / Banteamlak Worku

6.      Best Screenplay – Mircha / Rohobot Tesfaye

7.      Best Directing – Tsinat / Eyob Getachew

8.      Best Film – Tsinat

9.      Special Jury Award Film – And Sew Sint New

Tom Award 2014 Winners

1.      Best Sound – Tinsae / Firaol Solomon/

2.      Best Actress – Tinsae / Mena Getaneh/

3.      Best Actor – Yeras Kizhet /Eyob Negatu/

4.      Best Editing – Tinsae/Firaol Solomon/

5.      Best Cinematography - Yeras Kizhet /Kirubel Utala/

6.      Best Screenplay – Waga /Abele Debele/

7.      Best Directing – Yeras Kizhet /Kedamawi Nigussie/

8.      Best Film – Yeras Kizhet

9.      Special Jury Award Film – Damotra

Tom Award 2012/13 Winners

1.      Best Sound – Aykerem /Elias Balkew/

2.      Best Actress – Berhan /Kalkidan Yoseph/

3.      Best Actor – Aykerem /Yoseph Muasho/

4.      Best Editing – Ayikerem /Kedus Estifanos/

5.      Best Cinematography - Aykerem /Ashenafi Mesfin/

6.      Best Screenplay – Berhan /Dagnew Amare/

7.      Best Directing – Aykerem /Ashenafi Mesfin/

8.      Best Film – Aykerem

Tom Award 2011 Winners

1.      Best Sound – Keras Til /Anteneh Kebede/

2.      Best Actress – Enkokelesh /Martha Debele/

3.      Best Actor – Meba / Abebe Assefa/

4.      Best Editing – Keras Til / Selamawit Yismaw/

5.      Best Cinematography – Weakness /Yared Tesfaye/

6.      Best Screenplay – Sigibgib /Kilkiyas Dejene/

7.      Best Directing – Enen Say /Lidya Mitiku/

8.      Best Film – Enen Say


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